Welcome to the Familial Arrhythmia Network For Scotland

Familial arrhythmia” is an umbrella term covering a wide variety of electrical diseases of the heart. These diseases which give rise to abnormal heart rhythms can in some cases become life threatening.

This website, is intended for use by both patients and clinicians, to allow everyone involved in the care of someone with familial arrhythmias the opportunity to access relevant, high quality information about these conditions at their time of need.

The Familial Arrhythmia Network of Scotland (FANS) was formed to bring together the expertise of a variety of clinicians from all over the country, who will work together with patient representatives and other healthcare professionals to streamline standards of care in Scotland, ensuring best clinical practice is achieved for all.

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Sunday Mail 18/01/2015: "Specialist's battle to beat Sudden Death Syndrome" - please go to PUBLICATIONS tab of this website to access the article.


FANS PAEDIATRIC PATHWAY FOR INHERITED ARRHYTHMIAS has been published on our website - please go to Healthcare Professionals/Protocols and standards.

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